365 project .. 001 ..

Well, if everybody is doing it .. why should I do it..!? No, thats not the reason why I’m doing the “365 project”.. It’s because I have to take my knowledge about my photography skills to another lever (higher that is)..
So cut the small talk, and lets get to full year of every day picture posting..
P.s. It’s gonna be hard with my 12hour shift work schedule..

So here is the first one .. and only 355 to go..! This the shot of our sunflowers that we have in the kitchen.. They are from my mother-in-law.. Hope you like it and the other ones too.. I would write something more about this photo but there is the start of the “Champions League” on the TV, so I have to go now.. =]

P.S. And yes, do please comment on at least some of them .. would be nice.. =]

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