My new Teapot..

Few days ago, I got, as gift for my birthday from my sister and mother and father in-law (all of them), a “Teapot”.. It is kind of a teapot and teacup in one and it is made of fine ceramics and it is hand painted..
So from now on, at home, I’m drinking tea only from this “Teapot”..


On the right of the subject is one SB600 @1/64 power though diffusion umbrella .. and second SB600 on the right back of the subject @1/128 power..
Exposure 1/200sec at f/2,2 (Teapot-0102) and 2,8 (Teapot-0201)
Focal lenght 50mm (Nikon 50mm)
ISO 100

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