3-50 – Three fifty..

50mm lens, 50 weeks, 50 colors..

As a boy, I was really drawn by all that skateboard and bmx lifestyle.. Never had one or another.. Did have some rollerblads and a mountain bike, but I was too wild and “stubrn” so I broke almost everything and didnt have enough money to buy new stuff.. So last night ai came across a 3-50 idea (something like 3-60 – here is the connection 😉 ).. In next fifty weeks I will took 50 photos with my 50mm lens of 50 “different color themes”.. Also the idea came from (or can be related to) an article I read some time ago how to improve as a photographer.. Every day in a week you have a different color theme.. So every day you chose a theme on a certan color.. Lets say on monday you have blue color, so you take a picture of water.. On tuesday you have yellow color and you take a picture of yellow rubber boots.. And so on..

The main problem in my little project will be the colors.. How to find so many different collors.. I can find 7 different colors, no problem.. But fifty..? But if someone can find fifty shades of gray then there is nothing to worry about.. 🙂

So that lead me to the “uncle” google.. They say thath he knows everything..!? 🙂 And he lead me further to the wikipedia and an article “List of Crayola colored pencil colors”.. There I have found 64 different colors (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Crayola_colored_pencil_colors), but first 50 will be enough for me and my little project..

So the first one on my list will be red and at the end of a week I will post a photo with a red theme..

I hope to see you at the end of each week (at least) to see my photos and my progress by each photo..

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