3-50 .. week 1

Yesterday we had a “surprise” wedding.. Everybody tought that we will only have a birthday party and no one really had a clue about the wedding.. Only bride and groom knew about it (obviousli 🙂 ), parents from both of them, me and my girlfriend (she was made of honor) and the grooms sister and her boyfriend (he was best man)..
So my girlfriend had a lot to do for her sisters wedding and one of them was the rice bags.. She and her mother were packing rice in a red fabrick and tie them with a red band..
So this is how I came with an idea for this week red theme photo.. I actualy had a few photos in play, but I think that this one was a little beter than the rest of them.. Hope you like it..
Well as for the party, it was the bomb.. They both remmmeber to say YES, and then the party began.. We were dancing, drinking, singing all night long.. Expect me, because I was my daugter nanny, well it was my turn..



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