3-50 .. week 2

So here is the second week.. So far so good, but this week I had a problem.. The next color on my list was “Aqua green”.. Hmm, I don’t even know where to look for this color.. If I would be in the Carribean I would be surrounded with it, but somewhere in the middle of the Europe (Slovenia, Velenje) surrounded only withe the snow, rain and  fog these days I had a problem.. I could found it at Soča river but that is 200km away from my home and the weather wasn’t that good to take the trip for one photo..!? So I had to do my best with these one.. And as I was playing with my baby girl one day on her playing pad I suddenly realised that i found my color for this week.. It was on one of ten puzzles that creats one large playing pad.. Don’t know if it is the exact shade as on the “List of Crayola colored pencils colors” but I think it is close enough.. So here it is and I hope you like it..

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